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Welcome fellow humans.


Welcome to PRSYM

Primary Systems

Before we jump in, here’s some context to help set the stage, and get started with open source design.

What is open source design?

Open source refers to something anyone can freely access, modify, and share because its design is openly available to the public.

The term originates from the world of software development, where specific solutions developed in code were shared publicly, to improve solutions, and expedite innovative software design.

Today, “open source” indicates a set of common values and a “way of working.” PRSYM initiatives embody the very human principles of trust, transparency, integrity, and the creativity that can only come from social collaboration as a global community.

What is all this about, and why should I care?

The pivotal question we explore here is, “How should we truly live?” We delve into many aspects of complex, multi-faceted, human and global problems at the systems level. And bring a broad design perspective to evoke new solutions outside of old-world limitation.

Every solution to a problem begins by asking perhaps there’s a better way? Here we bring the lens of design to all aspects of systems design, to “divide and evolve” new solutions, that aren’t possible to fully consider under the constraints of social, commercial, and old-world limitations.

Why do you do this?

When I was a kid, my dad used to always say…, “you know son, you should always leave a place better than you found it.”

I believe that comfort is complacency. Everyday we either choose to either accept the world the way it is, or we choose to in some small way, make a meaningful difference. I write and create here, to evolve beliefs about what is truly possible for the sustained advancement of people and planet.

I have an amazing daughter. And I want to leave this place better off for her, and generations to come.

How often do you publish?

First off, to set expectations. I believe in quality over quantity. I will do my best to post weekly, however expect intermittent setbacks from time-to-time. I am incredibly grateful for my life. I have a demanding career as a design leader, a loving family, a dog that needs walks, a cat that never seems to stop eating, and a humble home and garden to maintain. All things in balance.

Secondly, while all of the content here is free (and will always be) I do promote select offers, such as; training, new resources, tools, and published material relative to the interests of, design, lifestyle, and personal growth to my audience. Quality content requires a very real investment of time, energy, and resource to create. I don’t like ads and will never put them on the site, other than select promotions that may be of real value to my readers.

Primary Systems — aka. PRSYM, is a platform of interrelated highly considered articles, tools, resources, and artifacts that can be applied directly to life and projects. It is my vision to build a knowledge-base over time. A platform that delivers world-class content of both abstract/strategic and tangible/tactical value.

It is with the upmost respect for the creators of the world that I share my thoughts and insights here. It is my sincere hope that they will serve to both ground and elevate your own creative endeavors, and in some small way help you to think, and execute at your highest-level of effectiveness.

How do I get started?

I share tools, prototypes, explorative concepts, and frameworks in good faith. I read and respond to comments. I delete comments that are spam, unproductive, or offensive. Nothing here is in anyway affiliated with my employer, is published here “as-is” with no warranties, and confers no rights. Authors and contributors operate under these same guidelines.

The site is structured simply to make finding things as straightforward as possible, and all articles are clearly attributed to the author.

I suggest reading through however you like. There is no linear progression, as much as the dates may imply. Cross links will be provided at the bottom of each article to related articles and resources.

As a fellow human, contributor, and creator, and on behalf of the entire PRSYM community, welcome! I am so thrilled you are here.
—Kýnan Antos

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