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Defining New Models


Collect insights and opportunities

Locate, uncover, listen, observe, inspect, and gather insights and opportunities about life and the world around you.

Identify systems and solutions that are no longer serving real need.

Develop your #mission.


Set clear feasible goals for new solutions

Codify clear measurable objectives. What are the principles and vision for where your solution is headed?

Establish a vision for how new models can address current insights.

Develop your #vision.


Explore new concepts and models

Explore, ideate, brainstorm, collaborate, focus, and solve. Bring others into the concept and find new connections.

Ratify, review, refine, and test your solution to develop a point-of-view and clarify your solution.

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Put models into action and execute

Anticipate barriers to action and develop mitigations. Prioritize, estimate, and plan for real effort to deliver. Resource and deliver.

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Model Kit I. Primitives

Model Kit II. Bucky

Model Kit III. Massive Change

Model Kit IV. Jacque Fresco

Model Kit V. David Houle

Model Kit VI. PRSYM

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