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Assumptions for New World Design

Assumptions for New World Design

On first assumptions

The problems facing humanity are many and significant in size, complexity, and scope. Below are the first operating assumptions for delivering new models.

  1. Our shared global climate crisis is the most significant threat to the future of humanity.
  2. All of the resources and technology required to eliminate human social, economic, and environmental ills already exist today.
  3. Our current worldview is obsolete, incapable of keeping pace with the exponential advancement of technology, and limits human potential.
  4. Solutions derived from within our current worldview, only serve to prolong and reinforce it. Without some disruption of the status quo, no meaningful progress is possible.
  5. A new worldview is required to overcome the limitations of current conscious and subconscious biases, beliefs, and systems.
  6. Earth is our only home. There is no “planet B.” Because we all share this planet, we are all connected to it, and we are all connected to each other.
  7. A brighter future is possible for people and the planet if we are able to evolve our worldview.
  8. How might we evolve our worldview to ensure a sustainable coexistence with our home?

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