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New world design.


About Primary Systems

Primary Systems publishes new world design unconfined by old world thinking.

Today as a global society, we live with:

  • Racial, religious, and economic segregation.
  • Unprecedented wealth inequality, hunger, and homelessness.
  • Expansion of mental and physical illness, depression, and addiction.
  • A global climate crisis.
  • A global pandemic.

Meanwhile, we are more inebriated, distracted, and less personally connected, than ever before in human history.

It’s time to augment THIS reality

Technology has become our escape. It is increasingly pervasive, invasive, and addictive in our lives. Screens are fragmenting our attention, blurring our priorities, and creating the illusion of impact —absent of real significance. An always-on, always-connected, progressively digitalized, and virtualized free-for-all is driving us beyond our very real human biological capabilities.

We stand at a precipice of unprecedented societal disenchantment. We cannot continue to acclimate to technological dysfunction as “the new normal.” We must integrate technology with new systems to evolve instead of adapt.

All of the resources and technology required to eliminate social, economic, and environmental ills, already exist.

Faster than you can say... slow down

It’s time for a new way of thinking. While technology is racing forward, our belief systems are thousands of years old. Solutions that originate from within current beliefs and unconscious biases only extend existing paradigms and cannot truly solve current problems.

Newly evolved systems are needed to mitigate a world increasingly saturated with hyper-targeted, designed, and acutely attuned technological marvels.

We need a new vision for how to reclaim our clarity, intention, focus, and fulfillment.

How should we truly live?

Like a prism, humans absorb inputs from the environment, refract and disperse outputs into the world. The station of our mental and physical health is greatly influences by the quality of our environment. The systems we engage reflect our ethos —how we join together as a family, learn within the classroom, participate in the community, show up at work, and who we are as a society, as a nation, a people.

PRSYM serves to bring next-level system proposals to a broad audience. Here we collaboratively explore new concepts. proposals, frameworks, models, tools, and templates, informed by research, behavioral sciences, progressive phycology, sociology, ethics, biology, neuroscience, and thought leadership —to answer the question, How should we truly live?

It is time to envision new possibilities beyond the perceived limitations we inherited from the old world —from the old systems. Our unapologetic focus is on one thing: new sustainable systems for people and planet.
Like a prism, evolve the inputs to expand the outputs.

About the Founder

Kýnan Antos

Since its founding in 2014, Kýnan Antos has gained recognition as design strategist and thought leader that has been composing interactive technology for more than two decades. He has delivered cutting-edge products, and made design decisions impacting hundreds-of-millions of people’s daily interactions with digital technology.

Kýnan has won notable design awards, is the author of more than a dozen design patents, and has built and lead design teams in places such as Amazon, Microsoft, technology startups, and design agencies.

With design advancing globally, he shares his experience transparently, as a means of increasing visibility to the discipline.

Kýnan believes passionately in the potential of open source design, to improve all aspects of the human experience through virtual collaboration globally.

“The future is about significance, not success. Less individual achievement. More collective human progress.”

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