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20 Life Lessons Learned While Roller Skating
May 28, 2021
  • Have an intention. Do not hesitate or those that are drifting will take you out.
  • When you do get taken out (and you will…) it’s pointless to blame anyone. You only have experience and less experience. The intersection of this is where all learning happens.
  • Everyone falls down. Some cry. Some seek reassurance. Some wipe their lip and get up. No one way is better than any other as long as you get up. It doesn’t really matter how. As long as you get up.
  • Right and wrong requires intent. Without intent you just have mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes.
  • The moment you lose focus and are not fully mindful, is the moment you or someone else gets hurt.
  • You have to push yourself outside your comfort zone, or you will get bored.
  • When you go fast, wear gear. Physics always wins.
  • Respect the floor. It is hard. It is unforgiving. It will break you.
  • Respect those that are learning. That used to be you. You are still them just working on different things.
  • Second chances. No third chances. Only bad third decisions.
  • Don’t be that person on the floor with your phone or your purse. If you can’t let go of things, they own you. Not the other way around.
  • There is always opportunity in the gap. The space in between. Go that way.
  • Caring what others think of you will never stop people from judging you. Clap your hands to your favorite song. There is no shame in expressing joy.
  • Don’t be a spectator, sitting on the sidelines judging others. Risk being embarrassed. Bitterness is a choice.
  • Only skate in the wrong direction if you’re willing to die, or you’re a true Jedi.
  • Only skate as fast as you’re able to stop. Always be ready to stop.
  • If you hold on too tightly to your friends, when you are falling, they will fall with you. When it’s your time to fall, let go, and instead of pulling others down with you, use your arms to slow your fall, and then get back up. Once you’re back on your feet, find that hand again and then take it.
  • Maintain your gear like your life depends on it. Because it does.
  • Appreciate the small moments. Pulling on your gear, your skates, tightening your laces, checking your wheels and stops, stretching your shoulders, a drink of water, and taking the floor. Go slowly, build your way up to getting warm. There is great joy in ritual.
  • Respect your teachers they love you.

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