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Verities of Disruptive Design

by | Mar 3, 2017

The PRSYM verities inform a belief system that help to drive new ways of thinking.

  1. A brighter future is possible.
  2. Our beliefs are what limit us.
  3. All of the resources and technology required to eliminate social, economic, and environmental ills already exist today.
  4. Technology is racing forward within belief systems that are thousands of years old.
  5. We have have a global climate crisis and future models work backwards from this.
  6. Solutions that originate within current beliefs and unconscious biases only extend existing paradigms and cannot truly solve current problems.
  7. We need new ways of thinking informed by new beliefs to evolve.
  8. The most fundamental belief to begin with… is that we are all connected.

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"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something build a new model that makes the old model obsolete."

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