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Our Beliefs Are What Limit Us

by | Mar 10, 2017

While technology continues to race forward our accepted societal beliefs, norms, and behaviors are based upon generations of antiquated assumptions, concepts, and methods devised centuries ago.

Solutions which stem from our current beliefs and unconscious assumptions will not solve our current problems. Solutions within existing paradigms are simply a continuation or an extension of the current model.

So how do we:

  • Draw out our unconscious beliefs and assumptions?
  • Evolve beyond our existing beliefs and assumptions that are limiting us?
  • Overcome the power of precedent?
  • Disrupt entrenched ways of thinking?
  • Find new motivations for the status quo?
  • Transcend our fear-of-change?

By drawing out our unconscious biases, beliefs, and replacing them with new baseline assumptions we can radically shift our solutions. With a new holistic baseline, a new set of modernized beliefs, we can begin investing in new models that make old models obsolete.

Beliefs that limit us include:

  • Scarcity is real and resources are finite
  • Land can and should be owned
  • Borders, boundaries, countries, governments, and armed conflict are inevitable and acceptable
  • Degradation of the planet and our environment are inevitable and acceptable
  • Poverty and hunger are inevitable and acceptable
  • Technology is the solution
  • How we live today is how we live tomorrow
  • Convenience and comfort are positives
  • Profit is motivational
  • Money and economies are required for commerce
  • Change is scary and difficult
  • There are many, many, many, others…

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