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Progressive systems for next level
clarity, purpose, and fulfillment by design.


“To change something
build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.”
—Buckminster Fuller


Our Beliefs Are What Limit Us

Our Beliefs Are What Limit Us

While technology continues to race forward our accepted societal beliefs, norms, and behaviors are based upon generations of antiquated assumptions, concepts,...

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Verities of Disruptive Design

Verities of Disruptive Design

The PRSYM verities inform a belief system that help to drive new ways of thinking. A brighter future is possible. Our beliefs are what limit us. All of the...

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Problems Before Solutions

Problems Before Solutions

Over the years that I’ve been designing things, there has always been endless discussion about delivering simple, easy-to-use, approachable, and consumable...

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Like a prism, we absorb inputs and disperse outputs into our lives and the world.
Our output is a reflection of our input.

Technology is an increasingly invasive input in our lives, consuming our time, attention, focus, energy, and resources. Rather than accept this technological dysfunction as “the new normal,” PRSYM serves to start a conversation by asking… “how should we live with technology?”
The conversation begins here, WELCOME.

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Progressive systems for clarity, purpose, and fulfillment by design.
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